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Lead from Anywhere

Jan 28, 2021

Sometimes culture shows up unexpectedly. If you’ve built the right culture, in the right way, your employees will live into the culture of your company without you needing to be there. In this episode, Julie shares an experience one of her employees recently encountered and how company culture SHOWED UP without...

Jan 26, 2021

In a virtual environment, how do you make sure your people feel heard when using a messaging software like Slack? In this episode, Julie provides actionable steps to ensure your team will feel connected, no matter where they are working from.

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Jan 21, 2021

This episode, join Julie in exploring InnoPLAYtion - the intersection between innovation and play. More importantly, it’s where leaders can have a little fun while giving their mind and imagination the space and time it needs to find a new path

Jan 19, 2021

In this episode, Julie shares the one question she asks her team more than any other question: What do you think we should do? This question is a big part of her success and can be for your business, as well. It requires a solid company culture to be effective but asking this question can elevate the trust your team...

Jan 14, 2021

In this episode, Julie discusses a recent experience with her team that has elevated her leadership style and how she delegates. It’s important to share the results of your team’s work with them, so that they can see the impact. This is especially important if a project spans several months (or years).